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I love the field of audiology and for over 25 years, have developed a CRM, a health care portal, worked in all fields of clinical endeavour, with all populations, started different initiatives here and abroad and understand how hearing care works. The industry is changing to a more corporately owned, less independent ownership model which affects clinicians and consumers adversely. Ossicle is a heartfelt service to improve ROI, customer retention and satisfaction, and clinician independence and satisfaction with impact, balance and fun. Love what you do more with the power of is a consumer website that is unique already. There are some online contributors and influencers using vlogs or blogs about hearing but there is not one definitive site that is fully independent, without undue influence or bias, motivated only to provide clinical, medical and consumer information that is vetted by a Doctor of Audiology. With a store, podcast, vlog and blog coming soon, this will be the place consumers can safely get info that is not a gimmick, bait and hook or otherwise misleading.

I’m seeing so much changing in the industry and not for the better. Access is harder, costs are higher, monopolies are running rampant, and the consumer is not getting actual medical audiological care without even knowing it. There’s no fiduciary duty to the patient, no disclosure requirements that can protect the consumer, and misdirection in marketing and ads that confuse the issue. Whereas is the online version of sharing my experience, expertise and education with the world, is my local, pro-bono initiative to provide free consults, information and advice without strings attached.

20 years ago, I started an international missions organization in Africa that is still going strong, and also set up Audiology services as part of a medical outreach to India. I have continued to do outreach in local community throughout my clinical career in Canada. I now want to reach the world with general self-sustaining initiatives including specifically hearing-related ventures like Hear the World or the Starkey Hearing Foundation, but unlike them, to do it with a structured, self-sustaining social enterprise model. 

In terms of hearing-related initiatives, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated in their 2018 resolution that hearing health is a major health care focus. Hearing health connects us to each other, our communities, and the world. For those who have hearing loss, appropriate and timely interventions can facilitate access to education, employment, communication and income.  Below are some key facts taken from the World Health Organization’s hearing loss fact sheet

Using resources from my consumer and business initiatives, Hearo and Ossicle, I will be seeking partners for expanding global access to hearing healthcare. I am looking for partners. If you have contacts, ideas, or anything to contribute to this new venture, please reach out to me.

I want to support independent business in audiology that is doing the right thing. Pardon Me Hearing with its 4 offices is doing the right thing. Advocating for consumers, they have negotiated low prices with suppliers, and pass discounts on to the consumer. What would cost $7000 after discount elsewhere costs $5000 here. Tests are free, services are easy to access and affordable, and they really care about doing the right thing. Ethics matters, transparency matters and running Kelowna’s Pardon Me office is a privilege.

I love the challenge of business development. I have a passion and unique recipe to grow businesses whether by influence or brand-building resulting in improved ROI and increased revenue from new clients and driving business from the competition. I take a unique approach incorporating management, marketing, and sales and driving business for fledgling, established but new-to-the-market, successful but hungry for growth and struggling businesses and make things happen in the community, by increasing brand awareness and other tactics that lead to greater monetized success. Let me know if your organization wants to grow and I’ll show you how.  I love doing this so its generally on a sliding scale or pro bono depending on the organization.

At this stage in my life and career, I am deeply motivated to use the skills I have learned in business and clinical care and transfer them to the non-profit sector. While providing Real Estate services in the Okanagan, I am also seeking to join the work of organizations such as  Samaritan’s Purse, the Kelowna Gospel MissionTeen Challenge, and many similar purpose-driven organizations that make the world, and the heart, a better place. 

I want to partner with like-minded organizations and community influencers to create solutions to social issues that are holding back the lives and potentials of great people. One current interest is to provide structured refuge to teens who are in transition before they enter the cycle of homelessness, drugs and/or alcohol to empower them with school and work and a caring community to support them. Another key interest is in providing a respite for couples with kids facing divorce .  I think it is essential to provide a pause before life-changing decisions are made and to give more time to process, think and plan before taking any action.  Other interests include social enterprise to solve problems and fund the work of outreach.  This is the same model underlying my interests in international outreach.