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 Facilitator. Innovator. Advocate.

what makes me tick

family. audiology. outreach.

Family & Friends

Family and friends, growing together, experiencing life and adventures together and growing the bonds between us is what I live for, the rest just supports that and is fun and fulfilling.


Consumer online audiology resources (and store coming soon), business consulting, clinical support; whether I work in clinic or online getting clinicians and consumers supports and solutions is what I love.


Whether free local clinical outreach as my pro bono contribution, local outreach to improve social challenges, or international outreach to bring my knowledge and skills to the world, I love to help.

connecting with likeminded people is what makes it all worthwhile. whether about audiology or outreach, let’s connect!


I am a first generation immigrant to Canada from Germany, with family on both sides of the Atlantic. I am a father of 3, a proponent of adoption (and I adopted twice), and like cats, and have 2. I have studied to be a Doctor of Audiology. I love music, reading, learning, growth, movies, and family time. I am a synthesist, with a hegelian affinity to finding uncompromising connections between perspectives to create new ideas and a new outlook. I like to rethink what is common, rework it and revive a passion in people around a common cause. My biggest passion is my faith and my marriage, having found grace in both and grateful for every day to reach higher, run further and grow stronger.  I solve problems. I engage and motivate others to achieve their vision, and I am a doer. This site outlines some of my interests. 

Reach out to me. I am up for hire and ready to serve.  I’m in West Kelowna, BC, in the heart of the Okanagan. 


Reach out to me anytime. I’m available for public speaking engagements, consumer advocacy projects and local/international outreach. If you need a motivational speaker for your event, look no further.